Saturday, September 12, 2015

KUNG Fury - A Must See!

It is  so bad , it's great !! . You will "" Like it" OR "Hate it"   Kung Fury is about a kung fu cop from 1985 who goes back in time to fight Hitler and the Nazis. It has a runtime of just over 30minutes.  Its a heck of a ride with cheesy dialogue, over the top action, and retro music. It has Nazis, Vikings (including Thor), Dinosaurs, and David Hasslehoff all stirred in.  It makes every minute entertaining. Dedicated to the 80s style, its like a train wreck (but better) - you just can't turn away.

Everything harkens to the 80's:  First. Music & Background score: Electric drum with synthesizer & guitar  2nd. Action: Martial art movies , Japanese Animation, Video games, ,reference from the buddy cop movies (Super- Cop / Lethal Weapon)..etc  It's an entirely reference oriented movie.  But still, this movie is original & stands out! If you remember the 80's, at all, you will love it.  Its very over the top and makes no apologies.  I've already watched it twice and saved it on my Tivo list.
Everyone Have a Great Day!

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