Monday, July 19, 2010

Back to the Grind (kind of).....

Last week I actually started back to work (half-days) and am continuing it this week. I honestly did not think that working at a desk for 4 or 5 hours would be taxing. But I was wrong - when I've put in my time - I'm ready to go home. But this is a full week for me. I have therapy schedule for 3 (M-W-F) afternoons. Have a doctor's appointment Tuesday afternoon and Thursday - well that's gonna be a ME day. No work - no appointments - Rest my leg and maybe watch some more of my megaset of UFO on dvd. (Look it up on if you don't know what this is). My sweetie has her own obligations to meet Thursday but will be in touch.

Since the wreck (on June 11th) - people I've talked to generally fall into 2 categories: (1) When are you going to get another motorcyle? and (2) You're lucky to be alive - You're not nuts enough to ever look at another motorcycle are you? Well - let me address both groups: As far as group #1 - the answer is "I don't know" - I have been back & forth as to whether I'm going to get another bike. Since I have no memory of the wreck and 2 weeks or so after - I also have no memory of the most intense of the pain I went through. So I don't associate the pain with my motorcycle - though I know that's what happened. As far as group #2 is concerned - I generally tend to either ignore them or ask if they ever had a car wreck and if so - are they still driving? Same thing as far as DKW and I are concerned. So if you are at all interested - just stay tuned.

If you were to twist my arm right now though and demand an answer - I would say that "Yeah, probably at some time in the future I will get another motorcycle." Here is my reasoning. (1) I love riding a bike. Live is short enough. Why not do something I enjoy. (2) I figure the new bike will be just for going back and forth to work (10 miles) and around town or the occasional trip to Columbus (MS) - about 30 miles. (#3) If my leg heals enough to allow it - why not ride?

Anyway - no decision will be made until my leg heals, my surgeon (who by the way falls into category 2) gives the official OK, and all the legal/insurance stuff is settled.

In the mean time, I have a good woman taking care of me and monitoring my medication. I feel truly blessed to have her. I do love ya DKW!

Everyone have a great day!


  1. i'm so very proud of you, you've been thru tons and are coming thru way ahead of schedule, love ya sweeterpea, mah hizzbend, love ya, debra

  2. you're an amazing dude, dude! love ya, debra