Friday, July 2, 2010

Every Day is a gift.................

I know that everyone has heard that (my title for this entry) before, but I can now make the case that in my life it is very true. Three weeks ago (on June 11th, date of my last entry) I was in a very serious wreck and am really blessed to still be alive. I still do not have any memory whatsoever of the events (and may never have) but thanks to my wife (and other family members) this is what happened: I got off work at Mississippi State University, put on my helmet and hopped on my motorcycle (2004 Suzuki Volusia 800) to head home because my wife and I were supposed to go to the home where my mother stays for what they were calling a family cookout. Approximately 1 mile from home, as I was passing the Longview community, an older gentleman (going towards town) failed to see me and made a left turn into my lane and according to witnesses when he did this I had less than 10 feet to react. Since my speed at the time was estimated at 45 mph - I really had no time to react and slammed into the man's car. My bike is totalled. I fractured my kneecap (horizontally) and had a tibial plateau fracture. I had a vertebral fracture of the C7 vertebra and a concussion due to a hard head blow. I also had some major "road rash" on my arms. I'm still suffering from what is called "post concussive syndrome" which is why I still have problems remembering things. Anything prior to the accident I can usually rememember with no problem, but post-accident I'm still having memory problems. I think I'm going to call this an entry. Just wanted to explain why I haven't been on in a while, but my leg is starting to hurt and I need to go lay back down. I get the staples out of my leg next week - maybe I can post a new entry then. I'm gonna get my sweetie to proof this for me and post it. Thanks. Everyone have a great day!

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  1. here it is, a year post~wreck, and i couldn't love you any more than i do! altho i say that each day and each day that follows, i love ya moreso. i'm very glad you are in my life, baby, very glad. muwahZ