Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Honest - I promise..............

That eventually I will stop posting on my motorcycle wreck. But dude!! - It happened only 6 weeks ago (as of Friday 7/23) and the resulting damage (to myself as well as the bike) is still a very big part of my (and DKW's) life everyday.

Last night, I was watching one of my favorite reality shows (Deadliest Catch) and a good part of the broadcast was dedicated to Captain Phil Harris's Life and passing (at age 52). (Google it - if you aren't familiar with the show) Anyway Phil was also a biker - I had some interesting thoughts/dreams last night and actually firmed up a few decisions that I had been vacillating on. One of the biggest is, is that I have firmly decided that when I have recovered and my leg is strong enough I am definitely getting going to get another motorcyle. Its something that I enjoy doing and don't see why I should stop. Size, type, etc. are still up in the air. Probably will be a bit smaller than the bike that was wrecked. I no longer am looking for a bike for long trips. The new bike should be big enough to keep up with interstate traffic speed but I am not looking for a long distance vehicle. The new bike will be primarily for my work commute (10 miles one way) and the occasional trip to Columbus (MS) Air Force Base - which is 30 miles or so away. Anyway, one bike I have been looking at quite a bit is the QLink Tour 250. I think it looks good and you can get it with a windscreen and hard (lockable) saddlebags. Its also very affordable. It comes in 3 colors, but I'm leaning towards the red (more visible) one. The closest dealer for this bike is T-Town Motorsports which is 75 miles away in Tuscaloosa, but thats okay. Maybe DKW and I could make a day-trip of it some time and stop by on the way to visit the Fabulous F & mate in Birmingham when I have recovered. Anyway - all of this is dependent on my recovery. But I am actually looking forward to the time I am recovered and can ride again. Makes me happy thinking about it.

Everyone have a great day!


  1. one year later, you are truly a remarkable man, and most days, i totally forget you'd the wreck, cuz you have made such a complete recovery! i love you so much and am so glad that you are around, so very glad!