Friday, July 30, 2010

Nine Months and (happily) Counting

Tomorrow (Saturday, July 31, 2010) is exactly 9 months since DKW and I were married. I did a little research on line where folks were asking what to do to celebrate. One answer was "Awww, you must be young to celebrate by months - wait 3 months and celebrate a real anniversary." I went "Hmmph! I'll just say THANK YOU! I'm 55 and glad someone considers that young!" As far as what and when you celebrate - I've always thought that was up to the couple involved. Make no mistake - DKW and I have made plans to celebrate our first wedding anniversary - but 9 months is a milepost too.

Everyone have a great day!

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  1. i love you so much, and it's been a real joy to get to know you every day, love ya, debra