Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Plenty of Food & Football - but no deer!

Thanksgiving is past and I had an enjoyable (but small) group in attendance. The food was great as usual and I had my usual tasty (but Ugly) bird. Its was tender, juicy and falling apart. Yum!

MSU defeated Ole Miss in the annual "Egg Bowl" in what ended up being a bit of a nail biter. After jumping out (at one point) to a 22 point lead (31-9) the dawgs gave up two touchdowns and held on for a 31-23 victory.

It was announced this week that beginning in the 2011-12 school year Starkville High would drop from 6A to 5A in sports. Now my sweetie thought I might be disappointed that my Yellowjackets were no longer in the big pond, but absolutely not. SHS goes from being a small fish in the big pond to being a big fish in a slightly smaller pond. The big plus is that we will no longer be in the same division as National Powerhouse South Panola High. The team ranked (in high school football) as the #1 team in the NATION! (That's right - Nation - look it up). SHS is ranked #2 (in terms of student population) in 5A and the toughest rival in 5A looks to be West Point (Ms) High - just 30 or so miles up the road. It hasn't been announced yet which of the 2 divsions in the north half of Misssissippi we will go into but I'm kind of hoping its not the one West Point is in. Not because we fear them, but because if we're in different divisions there is the very real possibility of playing them in the 2011 North Half Championship - for a spot in the state championship. With the close proximity - irregardless of where it was played - the stadium would be packed. I'm really looking forward to next year now!

I tried to go deer hunting but had to give it up after an hour and a half. I got out and up in my stand ok, but my leg (injured in the accident in June of this year) began to ache and stiffen in the cold and I began to fear that I would not be able to get down if I stayed as long as I had planned. Bummer! Well - maybe I can get deer for my freezer some other way. I'll let you know.

Everyone Have a great day!

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  1. i had a wonderful thanksgiving, for the most part. the bird wasn't ugly, it looked as delicious as it tasted. glad you enjoyed the game, i enjoyed your sound effects and running commentary. sorry that hunting isn't entirely a pleasure, however that's no so bad, considering the alternatives to having an aching leg due to cold stillness. and it'll be interesting to see what the jackets do next season...esp with your grandson joining the jv's. love ya baby