Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FaceBleccchh! (And Recovery news)

Okay, I was watching CNN this morning and saw another news report about a new scam being perpetrated on FaceBook. Yet another reason for me not to join it (as if I needed one). Every time I have ever heard about FaceBook, someone has gotten in trouble because of something they posted and another scam has been noted coming after users. I have enough troubles without looking for more. NO FACEBOOK FOR ME. I have plenty of ways to be in touch with those that I need to be in touch with.

Today, the hospital bed has left my livingroom. Woo Hoo! I reiterate, it is so nice to being back to sleeping in my own bed again.

The neurosurgeon (that saw me for my spine and head injuries afte the wreck) said yesterday that as far as he was concerned my injuries were healed and I don't need to see him again unless I have problems. So I have therapy scheduled for the next 5 weeks or so and I see the orthopedic surgeon (for right knee & leg) on September 23rd. Hopefully, when that date rolls around I will be sufficiently recovered that he too will release me. At least that is my hope. My recovery continues at an above normal pace - but I am cautious. I don't want to risk more injury.

I am happy too, because on Friday (Aug. 20) high school football starts here. While expectations are not too high for this year's team - there is always hope. Unfortunately, of the 11 games that SHS plays, 6 are against pre-season top 25 teams in the state (including the opener). Oh well - they are still my alma mater - and win or lose I support them.

Everyone have a great day!


  1. yea, lots of good news, yea!! ok, now about the ortho~dude, yes we go back on the 23rd, then there is also a 6 month visit, and then you will probably be released. at the visit on the 23rd, he will probably reduce your PT from 3xweek to two, and then taper it to one and then your pt will be done too. yea!! love ya, glad you're back in the big~boy bed {wink} love ya, debra

  2. I actually laughed out loud when I read the title of this. I hope the team does well. Miss you Dad, keep up the good work in therapy.