Thursday, August 5, 2010


Man! I feel lately like I need to have that tattooed on the back of my hands to remind me that in spite of the setbacks since the wreck - I'm a very fortunate man. I have a wife and children that love me. Where-ever possible they have helped me out. I've put in this blog before how much DKW has stepped up for me and I can't say it enough. That said, I want to also put out an overdue "BIG THANK YOU" to my oldest & her husband for stepping up and taking care of the mowing for me. This is no small task - since all told its around 5 acres. This was a big worry since it was/is something I usually do. I do appreciate their efforts but am looking forward to the time when I can once more do it myself.
Now about the whining. I've been trying to catch myself when I start to gripe about my knee and/or leg hurting and for the most part I think I do a good job - at least in public. But sometimes I forget at home and those that have heard it the most get more of it. Sorry! The walker I have to use right now (since I'm not supposed to put any weight on my right leg) is the subject of a lot of the whining lately. It does its job, but I hate it. I'm so looking forward to walking again. I go back to see the surgeon a week from today - I'm hoping to be allowed to start putting weight on the leg then and graduating to a cane. So, I resolve not to whine about the walker for one more week.
Guilty Pleasure! Well last night I had a restless nights sleep. Once when I got up I had a little bit of the munchies. There was fresh french bread on the table. (I rarely eat bread since my gastric bypass surgery 5 years ago & my going from 315 lbs to 165). And I wanted it! I took a slice and slathered it with margarine! OOOOOOO! It was so good! It took all of my willpower now to shove down a second slice, but I ate a few fresh cherries instead. Fruit is better for ya , you know.
One thing I want to throw out may seem small, but to me its huge. For example, this morning DKW was not feeling too well when she got up to take me to work and when that happens I make a point of telling her how much I appreciate everything that she does for me. She replied "I'm proud of you" - which was not the reply I was expecting. I asked "What for?" and she said that she was proud of me going to work and trying to get things back to normal - all the time with a broken leg and the least she could do was take me to work." Well - that really made me feel good. And its not the first time. She is always telling me that she is proud of me for small progresses that I'm making in my recovery. I can't emphasize enough how much this encouragement has helped.
Everyone Have a Great Day!

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  1. sniffle.sniff.sniff.
    but, i am soooOOOooo very proud of you, mah hizzbint. smooches, debra