Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fools and Birthdays

I always enjoyed pulling the occasional April Fool's Day prank, but decided this year just to provide a link to this website for the Top 100 AFD Pranks of all time. Some I knew about - Some I didn't but I think everyone will find the list interesting.

Day after tomorrow (3rd) is my birthday and DKW and I will be heading to Mobile (today) for a visit with my youngest son and his wife, before they move to Miami. He is in the Coast Guard and has orders to leave (probably in May - but maybe June). So we may not see them for a while after this. And if you are interested, this song, was number one on the Billboard Charts on the day I was born. I don't think it will give it away to say that it was the theme to a TV show and that I liked to watch the show (in re-runs, of course) and I liked the song. Anyway - Enjoy.
Everyone have a great day!

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