Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Okay! I know not everyone has the same tastes as I do. Such is the way of the world! Different Strokes for Different Folks - As they say. But regardless of what people may say - I Love my wife! When I have a crappy day - she makes me feel better! At this point in my life - she is the one that makes it worthwhile! Now, so that there is no confusion - I loved my first wife very much - when she died I was devasted - it took me a long time to decide I was ready to try again! But I did decide to try again, I was tired of being alone. DKW came into my life at exactly the right moment! She helped me put the pieces of a broken me together. I realize that not everyone will feel as I do - so I have one thing to say - TOUGH! Deal with it! DKW is my wife! I love her and will support her!

I'm going to sign out very shortly. To be blunt, I am exhausted! I worked a full day yesterday and then had to work another shift - late in the evening - because my scheduled student worker was sick. So I basically worked a 14 hour day yesterday. So I feel I'm entitled to be tired.

Now, before I close for the day - I would appreciate anyone else's feedback as to their take on last night's American Idol. To my (and DKW's) thinking, Katelyn and Paige will be voted off next (for the ladies). Tonight is the guys - and without even hearing them - Tim Urban should be one of the 2 guys leaving. I'm sorry, but in my opinion - He sucks! If there is any justice, he will be gone tomorrow.

OK! As I get ready to wind up my rant for today - My Baby is HOT! I Love her. She Loves ME! I am awed by the fact that a young babe like her (39) loves an Old Fart (55 on April 3rd) like ME! I feel very fortunate to have her. I am truly blessed to have had 2 women in my life that love me unconditionally!

Anyway, while the illustration with this entry may not be an actual picture - It's only a portion of how hot I think she is! Love YA Baby!

Everyone Have a Great Day! (Again - Man I'm tired!)

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  1. wahoo, baby~cheeks! love ya, ya soooOOOOooo sweet ta me! {dude, what brought this one?} and i can't wait til you come home and get comfy in your jammies and rest {we can tivo american idol cuz i don't think you'll watch it cuz you get all comfy in the recliner and ya know what the recliner goes back, the dollbaby's eyes shut} love ya! grins, debra