Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Flatulence is Funny!

Okay. For those that don't know - I work in a veterinary medicine library. Last week, a DVM asked for my help in locating a book. Now this Doc, while very nice, is also a very "proper" lady. So off we went to the stacks and I located the book she needed on the bottom shelf. As I squatted down to get the book, I inadvertently squeezed off a toot. Without missing a beat, I grabbed the book and slapped the shelf while growling out "Damn Bookworms!" Well, I was blown over when this lady snorted out a belly laff, and laughing so hard she had tears in her eyes was giggling out "Da**, Shi*, F*ck - Crap. That's funny". It shocked me so I started laughing (you really had to be there) and we had to actually walk away from each other for a few minutes to compose ourselves - because we couldn't look at each other without busting out laughing again. Even now, when I pass her in the halls, we can't help but share a grin. It will probably never happen again - but neither of us will ever forget it.
Now, everyone raise your hand if you've ever: Dropped a bomb in an elevator - or - cropdusted while walking across a room - or - blamed it on (or allowed blame to fall upon) the family dog. Okay - I'll admit to doing all of those - but only once! (If you believe that, I have a beautiful bridge in Brooklyn to sell you) When I was in the Coast Guard, I dropped a bomb in an elevator just before an Admiral (Commander of the Eighth Coast Guard District) got on one floor above me. I got off quickly and around the corner before the odor hit him. And believe me, living in New Orleans at the time and having had Red Beans and Rice with spicy cajun sausage, cornbread and sliced raw onions for lunch - its a wonder he wasn't blinded. To be honest, it was one of those that was so bad I offended myself. But it was funny!
What do dogs think? I've found myself wondering that quite often the past few days. DKW and I each brought dogs into our marriage, so I think its only natural to think about this. Four very different personalities, but all sweet in their own way. I'll never know for sure, but they all seem happy with our life.
Everyone have a great day!

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