Friday, May 13, 2011

My Meandering Mind

Ok - Been a bit since I blogged - so here goes. Just be aware that I'm dragging. I'm dragging so hard that if I was outside the back 40 would already be plowed.
I'm happy to say that I'm not having withdrawals from missing having a motorcycle. My Mini Cooper is fitting my needs quite nicely. Kind of nice to just get dressed and go in the mornings - not having to worry about jacket, gloves, helmet,etc. ORRRR-the weather. Wooo-hoooo!
Last weekend DKW and I went to see the new THOR movie. While (as a long time reader of the THOR comics) I enjoyed the movie - I hated the fact it was in 3D. DKW and I both left the theater with massive headaches. I refuse to go to any future movies that are only available in 3D. If I really want to see it - I'll wait until it comes out on DVD - then go get it from RedBox for a buck - and watch it on my 2D TV. Cheaper and no headache!
I've mentioned before Starkville High is dropping to 5A in the upcoming school year.
Here is their schedule:
2011 Starkville High Football
Aug. 19 – Noxubee County (away)
Aug.26 – Madison Central (HOME)
Sep. 2 – Tupelo (HOME)
Sep. 9 – West Point (away)
Sep. 16 – Open Date
Sep.23 – Lanier (HOME) *
Sep.30 – Provine (HOME)
Oct. 7 – Ridgeland (away)
Oct. 14 – Canton (HOME)
Oct. 21 – Yazoo City (away)
Oct. 28 – Callaway (HOME)
Nov. 4 – Neshoba Central (away)
*Lanier game is first of 7 games against new divisional (5A, Region 2) opponents.
Thats all for now. Everyone have a great day!


  1. i like that the lil girls are showing tongue. i like that you are not bike~jonesing. I like that you like your coop. i like that you liked the movie. AND i LOVE you, grins, debra

  2. I've heard about the 3D headaches. Fortunately, they don't bother me and I'm LOVIN' the 3D. When we go to the movies I'll actually opt for something I've never heard of just because it's in 3D. I'm so sorry it doesn't work for you guys.