Monday, May 23, 2011

A Busy - But Enjoyable - Weekend

My plate was pretty full the last few days. Friday (20th) was my oldest son's anniversary and I was asked to baby-sit the J-Man (Jonas) - who is 2 - overnight - which I was glad to do. It made me realize how much he has grown - he's almost too big now for the crib I have.
Saturday morning I had to go pick up my Angelfood order by 9 AM. So after Jonas had breakfast we loaded up my car with his stuff and went to Faith Baptist to pick up my order. After that, I took Jonas home and dropped him off a couple of minutes after 9. I then went home and did some pruning and weed trimming for a few hours. Then my oldest grandchild (Trey - almost 12) and I went to MSU's last (regular season) baseball game. Unfortunately, they lost to LSU - but got the help they needed to make the Southeastern Conference baseball tournament as the #6 (of 8) seed. Trey and I left with just enough time to make my (youngest) granddaughter's birthday party at 5 PM. After the party I made my way home to take a shower & relax with DKW. Sunday morning I went to town to pick up my Sunday paper and some crickets at Walmart. I was disappointed because the clerk there told me that they didn't have any crickets because their supplier was out. I purchased some nightcrawlers instead - since I still wanted to go fishing. I fished most of the morning (3 or 4 hours) accompanied by Sophie. She would get real excited everytime I caught a fish - bouncing up and down as if to say "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Don't know what it is - but its mine" She even got to the point of being excited every time I reeled in my rod - whether I had a fish or not. I ended up catching 13 bream - of which only 4 were keepers - but I ended up releasing them all. Just didn't seem to be worth the effort to only clean four. Before I took a shower I had to bathe Sophie, she had gotten wet and muddy - but that's okay - she had a good time and I think she's a pretty good "fishing dog". So that was my weekend - hope yours was just as enjoyable - if not more so.
Everyone have a great day!

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