Monday, February 2, 2009

After Super Bowl Musings

Well, its Monday and the Super Bowl yesterday was just that - Super! I have to admit I was pulling for the underdog Cardinals, but ya gotta give Big Ben and the Steelers credit for that thrilling comeback at the end. Salute! It was even better because I had some company in addition to my sweetie DKB being there. Our first Super Bowl together. Good food and a good time was had by all. Now the only football left is the anti-climatic Pro Bowl. I have heard that next year the Pro Bowl will be moved to the weekend before the Super Bowl. This means the SB participants won't have any members in the next Pro Bowl. Heck, even the Arena Football League suspended play this year (due to the economy), but they plan to be back in 2010.

DKB & I are planning lunch Wednesday at Shaherazad's so that I can meet another of her friends. I'm looking forward to it.

I've read in DKB's blog that some folks think I am moving pretty fast. I just want to say in my defense that I told DKB from the very beginning that our relationship would move at her speed. I would never pressure or rush her on anything and we would only move forward if she was comfortable with it. That brings me to another thing. A lot of folks say that when a couple gets comfortable with each other, that the relationship is doomed. I don't. I'm very comfortable with DKB and just enjoy being around each other. I'm still learning things that surprise me from time to time, but thats part of the fun of being in a relationship.

Have to stop at Wally World on my way home today. I need to buy some more tea (for when DKB visits) and a couple of gifts for a son-in-law & daughter-in-law that have birthdays this month. Plus my youngest son's anniversary is later this month. My best to all.

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  1. yup, the game was awesome; you're awesome; i had a great weekend and i know that i'm really loving the comfort of being with you, and knowing you and it's all good. winks, debr