Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Soylent Green is People!

I can remember Charlton Heston uttering that line as I watched "Soylent Green" at the old Rex Theater in Starkville. Great movie, lots of shock value at the time. Don't know why that thought popped into my mind as I sit here digesting a great meal that I had at Shaherazad's with DKB and her friend Nikita. Had a good time sharing food and conversation and meeting someone that liberally peppers DKB's conversations. As usual I ate a little too much and now I feel like I need a nap instead of working, but carry on I must. Anyone else see "Fringe" last night. That is one freaky show. If you missed it, catch it online. The giant were-porcupine is not to be missed.
Last night, after "Fringe" went off I went back to the book I'm reading now. Its the 5th book in the "Area 51" series by Robert Doherty. I know you're probably thinking "Flying Saucers - so what!" Well, there are flying saucers, but there is a lot more to the story than that. I kind of started reading this series by accident, but now I'm glad I did. Each book has been a real page turner and I highly recommend it. When DKB and I are together, some of the time I will read a book to her as she crochets. I'm pretty sure we both enjoy this and it gives us a common book to discuss. I'm currently reading her the first book in the "Southern Vampire Series" by Charlaine Harris title "Dead Until Dark".
Going over to DKB's after work today. Gonna be a cold one tonight. Supposed to get down to 18 degrees. Good hot soup and cuddling weather. Everyone be safe! 'Til next time.......

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  1. betcha it's cuz the two of you were discussing the ole movie theater that was...and dude, i love that you read to me, while i stitch away, and sometimes, i just stare and listen, watching you. looking forward to the next book! grins, debra