Monday, February 9, 2009

Meeting the Mom

Friday I went over to Debra's and met the mom. We had a nice supper and chatted for a couple of hours. Saturday was such a gorgeous day I cleaned and polished my bike (2004 Suzuki Intruder) and rode it to Shaherazad's to meet DKB and her mom for lunch. We had shishkabob and chatted for a couple of hours. DKB and her mom left to meet friends and I went home to start supper cooking. Later, around 4 or so, DKB and mom came over and we watched "Mama Mia". I have to admit that its not a movie that I would have chosen for myself (can you say "Chick Flick") but I did find myself enjoying it. And we were all in agreement that Pierce Brosnan should have just lip-synched and allowed a real singer to belt out the songs. Dude! Seriously! Stick to acting. Around 7:30, my youngest - Mary, brought 5 month old Dylan over for us to watch. He was passed around and appropriate baby comments made. He went to sleep about 9 PM and Debra and the Mom left at that time. I finished watching a really bad on Sci Fi network then read until Mary came and picked up Dylan at Midnight. Sunday morning I actually worked on cleaning my house. Got rid of a lot of junk and started piling things up for a yard sale some time down the road. Debra called around 1 PM and (since it was another pretty day) I rode my bike over to her house and spent a few hours chatting and the Mom made a very tasty supper. I left just before dark because the road she lives on is gravel and I didn't want to negotiate it in the dark on my motorcycle. The Mom is a hoot and we seemed to hit it off. She even informed me as to the difference between "kinky" and "weird". Kinky is using a feather to stimulate your lover. Weird is using the whole chicken! LOL!!! See what I mean, you don't tell that joke to someone you don't like. Its a new week - Hope you have a great one!!

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