Saturday, August 27, 2016

Missing Big Daddy

Big Daddy and Mama Jennie
In the past I have mentioned I grandfather, Grover Sanders, several times.  I, and my kids too, all called him "Big Daddy".  As I was driving home from Wally World today, he was on my mind for some reason and I was nearly brought to tears as I remembered riding with him in his old truck don that same stretch of road.  Big Daddy passed away in 2003, while my wife (Sue) and I were in New Jersey to see my youngest son graduate from (Coast Guard) Boot Camp.  I received the news just an hour or so before the graduation, and kept it from everyone until it was over so that it wouldn't put a total damper on what should have been a totally happy day.  Needless to say, with 3 licensed drivers, we headed straight home. 
I started thinking about all the changes in my life since then and what he has missed.  Some he would have liked, others I'm not sure.  (Note: My grandmother, Mama Jenny, passed away in 2005).    They knew one of my eight grandchildren (who was born in 1999).  They would love the others.  Now, both of them would have been devastated by Sue dying in December, 2005, since we had been married 29+ years at that point.  I remarried in October, 2009, and if I am perfectly honest, Mama Jenny would not have tolerated my new wife, but not necessarily liked her.  She would have thought she was too "progressive" for her tastes.  Big Daddy would have liked her, and I could almost hear him telling my grandmother, "Awww, Hush Up Jenny!  He loves her, she loves him and they make each other happy.  What more matters?"  Makes me smile to think of it.  Now, Big Daddy was a devout Christian and was a deacon at Longview (MS) Baptist Church for nearly 60 years, but he was a firm believer in "Live and Let Live".  If you didn't cause him trouble, he wouldn't cause you any. Big Daddy was (and I'm not the only person to say this) one of the finest men I ever knew.
I know I've left out a lot. But a lot happens in 13 years.     I Miss you Big Daddy!
Everyone have a great day!

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  1. I'd've liked meeting your grandparents, I love the stories you tell about them over the years, memories from your childhood and the next fifty years. Most everyone has good memories to share of them, and that matters lots.