Thursday, April 26, 2012

Continuing Memories

In April, 1975, I left for Yeoman "A" School (located just outside Petaluma, CA).  The Training Center (during World War II) was formerly the U.S. Army Two Rock Ranch Station.   Because I was already a Petty Officer (BM3) when I went to Yeoman school I was automatically made class leader since I outranked all the other student.  It was a little more work (being responsible for getting 40 folks where they had to be on-time), but there were a few perks too - such as a semi-private room and being the supervisor on work details (not actually doing the physical labor).
I went from YN "A" School to the Ninth Coast Guard District Office in the Federal Building in Cleveland, Ohio.  This was many years before the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  I enjoyed going to NFL and MLB games but after one winter there this southern boy mutualed (traded duty stations) with a yeoman in Memphis, TN, aboard the ....
Coast Guard Cutter Kanawha.  A 75 foot barge-pushing river tender.  I really enjoyed working the Mississippi River.  It was while stationed here that I advanced to YN2, married my first wife,  and our first child was born.  Because of my advancement I was considered overqualified for the position I held on the boat and was transferred - approximately 100 yards up the hill to CG Group Memphis.  I'll post a pic and give more of my CG story next time.
Every one have a great day!

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  1. love the sharing of memories, you rock! love, debra