Friday, April 13, 2012

BEST Birthday - EVER!

Well- maybe not ever - but I did have a really good time. On the evening of my birthday (April 3rd), DKW and I drove down to the Choctaw Indian Casino in Philadelphia, Mississippi. I had comps that they had sent me for a free hotel stay, a little gambling money, and meals. It was a nice stay and I even won a little money (not a lot - but coming away on the plus side is great). Then I had the rest of a week off to do what I wanted when I wanted. I told my sweetie that if this was a preview of what retirement was going to be like - I couldn't wait. It was really nice. At worst, I can retire around May/June, 2015, unless MSU offers early retirement. Which I've heard rumors that they may do this again in 2013 (they last did it in 2010). If they do - I'm there! Lots of positives about being the master of your own town. Plus - if funds do get tight - I could always take a part-time job. There are plenty out there. Anyway - just wanted to let everyone know I had a fun time.
Everyone have a great Day!

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  1. love you so! it was great, having you around for the week. huge grins and lots of love, baby!