Sunday, December 25, 2011

I'm dreaming of a WET Christmas......

Well, not really - but that's what we have! And even if I couldn't see or hear the rain - my aching right leg would tell me it was there. For me and DKW this is either 2 days after and 2 days before Christmas (Mid-Mas?). On Friday past (23rd), we celebrated Christmas with my 3 (of 5) children and their families that live in the area. My mom was there also and we exchanged gifts and had a turkey dinner (that I cooked). The turkey (as usual) was tender, juicy, and falling apart. A very ugly - but tasty - bird. My cornbread dressing though was (I think) the best I've ever made. I confess I think so too. I did tweak my recipe a bit and I've make notes of those tweaks for future reference. Anyway - everyone enjoyed the meal and my grandkids seemed to really like their gifts - so I count the day a success.
Tuesday, next (27th) we will be going to visit DKW's folks for a couple of days and leaving our house and pups in the care of our house/pet-sitter extrodinaire! (Thanks Christi!) Looking forward to an enjoyable time there too.
Kind of a weird Sunday for me - no football! The NFL played their entire slate (except for tomorrow's MNF game - Saints & Falcons) and there's no bowl game until tomorrow. The good news (for me anyway) is that my Raiders are still in the playoff hunt. They defeated KC in overtime and Denver got blew out by the Buffalo Bills. With a win at home next week (against San Diego) and a Denver Loss (against KC) the Raiders would win the AFC West. Even if Denver wins, as long as the Raiders win they could still make the playoffs - but would need a lot of other things to happen. The bottom line is they MUST take care of business and win first. Then what happens - happens. (But I will confess to having my fingers crossed.)
Everyone have a great day - And a Safe and Happy New Year!

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