Thursday, January 27, 2011

Like Snow? H*ll NO!

I was getting ready for work this morning and after I called our local weather line for the current temp (33 @ 6am) I flipped on the TV as I finished getting dressed and had my cereal. I saw that the northeast had been hit hard with snow - Philadelphia (PA) had declared a "snow emergency" and New York City (NEW YORK CITY!) had been hit with over a foot of snow overnight. City offices and services were closed along with all schools. I could see lots of people digging out while the report went on. So for everyone that lives up north and say they like snow - "You are welcome to it!" Go ahead and laugh at us in Mississippi when we get an inch or 2 of snow and close things down. We don't have to shovel and its usually gone on its on in a few hours. Now - there was a heavy frost on my truck's windows, but I had taken the precaution of putting a plastic tray on my windshield last night so the driver's side was clear and after it warmed up a couple of minutes I was on my way to work.

In between the news and leaving for work I had gone out to feed Beider. Now it had rained yesterday and the damp ground was frosted over. I guess I stepped wrong (but I'm not sure - it happened so quickly) and ended up slipping and falling. My right leg bent and my right foot was under my butt when I fell on it. I think it scared me more than it did any damage - but my leg is killing me right now. I took some tylenol when I got to work and hopefully the aching will ease up as the day goes on. The only casualty (I think) is the plastic pitcher I used to carry the dog food in. It got busted up in the fall - but it can be replaced. Think I'll probably replace it with a 3 pound coffee can - might bend but won't break.

Everyone have a great day!

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