Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year. New Beginnings

I'm not going to try and catch up everything that happened during the last couple of weeks, but I will try to hit the highlights and maybe try to throw in a couple of "Awww!" moments.

Christmas was very enjoyable. My youngest son is in the Coast Guard and wasn't able to make it home this year and he and his wife were missed. I did enj0y Christmas with my other 4 children, but not all at the same time. Of course, my favorite part was seeing the grandkids' faces as they opened their gifts.

A couple of days after Christmas, DKW and I took my daughter Donna to the airport in Birmingham (AL) so that she could catch a flight back to Portland. After spending 5 months with DKW and I we will both miss her. After we dropped her at her airline and she was in line with her bag, she looked back and gave a little wave as we drove away. I nearly broke out in tears (again) - because even though she's nearly 30 - at that moment - my mind saw the little 5 year old girl (with a cast on her arm thanks to a brother's slamming door) catching the school bus and waving bye on her way to kindergarten. Sighhhhh!

New Years Eve DKW and I went to Applebee's for a late supper (consisting of 1/2 price appetizers) and free Champagne at midnight. Our waitress turned out to be an old friend of mine (hi Annette) who had worked for me about 15 years or so ago when I had been a manager at our local Quincy's Steakhouse. We had a very good time.

On the 2nd (Sunday) we had my grandson's 2nd birthday party (Jonas - my oldest son's boy) at my house and had a lot of fun. My youngest daughter (Mary) came and as I was helping get her youngest son out of the car he looked up at me and very seriously asked "Where's Donna?" I confess I choked up a bit and didn't answer. So he asked again - a little louder - "Where's Donna?" I told him she's not here. She had to leave town. He looked crestfallen - for about 30 seconds - they looked up,grinned and asked "Cake?" I nodded, said "Yep" and the party was on.

Finally, before I sign off this first entry of 2011 - I would be remiss if I didn't address the first weekend of the year's football. (1) My Raiders beat KC (31-10). Finished the year 8-8 and while they didn't make the NFL playoffs - I have optimism for next year. (2) HOW 'BOUT DEM DAWGS!!!!!!! Mississippi State opened a big ole can of Whup A** on the Michigan Wolverines in the Gator Bowl on New Year's Day. They set all types of records in their 52-14 victory and it would be a gross understatement to say that expectations are high going into next year since this is a young team and most of them return in the fall.

Everyone have a great day and a fabulous 2011!

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  1. i love you, my husband. the holidays were a hoot, but i'm more than glad to have them past...the house feels odd without all the chaos, but good, very good. grins, debra