Monday, January 24, 2011

Random Ramblings (Again)

I started this entry with no specific purpose but thought I would share some miscellaneous musings instead. Yesterday I was taking out Sophie (our 3 month old puppy that we are trying to house-train) and as she was checking our the aromas in our yard and doing her business I found myself thinking over the just past holiday season. One (or maybe even more than one - I don't really remember) of my children had remarked that our family didn't seem as close as it used to be at Christmas. So after considerable thought - this reply came to my mind "WELL-DUH!!" When my first wife passed away in December 2005, our 5 children were either married, had a significant other or getting married and within a couple of years either had or were expecting children of their own. Whoever you are - Family dynamics change as children become adults and forge their own lives. And that's as it should be - you have a person in your life that you have chosen to love and in all probability have a family with. That significant other and offspring should be the primary focus of your life. So no - things aren't as they used to be. But the changes had either started or were in place years ago. It just amazes me sometimes how selective folks' memory can be (and I'm just as guilty).

So to all my offspring - I love you now just as much as I ever did - never doubt that - but life evolves and changes - if it didn't things would be very dull and stagnant. For example - I can't imagine not having even one of my grandchildren. And I do enjoy spoiling them a bit when I can.

Well - the Superbowl is set. Packers and Steelers. As a life-long Raiders fan I can't help but hate the Steelers (Remember the 1972 Playoff game - Arrrggggh! - I still can't and won't watch replays of "the immaculate reception"). So GO PACK!!!

I've decided to sell my motorcycles. It was a difficult decision. I've loved riding for many years but after my accident in June (2010) I discovered (after getting another bike) that with my leg injury I'm not as steady as I used to be and I've lost a little of the enjoyment I had. Plus, I will soon be 56 and if I can't give it my full attention I would rather not chance another accident at my age. I want to be around to enjoy my retirement years when they get here. Plus, it may be a "beater" but I like driving my old truck (1985 GMC S15). It has its quirks, is noisy and doesn't get fabulous (good but not fabulous) gas mileage. But as long as it can keep taking me to work and home with the occasional work-load, I'll keep it. As one of the stickers I have on states "Don't Laugh - It's Paid For".

Everyone Have a Great Day

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  1. well said, i love ya, my baby. i was just yesterday describing your truck's stickers, grins, debra