Friday, August 1, 2014

Jumped the Gun

Ready for SHS Yellow Jackets Football
Well, quite a bit has happened since my last post.
First, the Yaris was not totaled.  It has been fixed and is now ready for the road.  I will be picking it up today or tomorrow.
Second, DKW and I went to Florida last week to visit our grandchild (oh - & her parents), little Savvy Sue ANNNNDDD while it Florida to get the little SmartCar fortwo pictured.  Everything was cool and we had a good time until Tuesday (July 29th).  I started back to Starkville (MS) early that morning and about 200 miles into the trip, the water pump went out in my Cooper Mini.  The part had to be ordered and I ended up spending the night in Albany, Georgia.  Nice enough town, but I really wanted to be home.  In all fairness though, the guys at the Goodyear Automotive Center were great.  They kept me informed and kept the total cost at the estimate they gave me (even though they ended up doing a couple of other things.)   They even did a full inspection and said it should be good for another 100K miles. But I did leave there with a much lighter wallet. 
Third, Thursday morning (7/31), I received a call from DKW.  She was just minutes from Savvy's house when the engine warning light came on.  Not wanting to risk the car.  She called AAA and they took it to the SmartCar dealer.  Well, she's still there and could be there until new Tuesday (8/5).  The problem is getting the part.  If it doesn't come in today, they won't get it until sometime Monday.  Its very frustrating for both of us, but we have both said  - at least she's with family and not in a hotel far from anyone.  We'll survive, but that doesn't make it any less aggravating.
Fourth, Dr. Who starts the new season on August 23rd, (as I've said before).  I just wanted to share this news that I read on
Everyone have a great day!

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