Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Football and Trekkin'

First a quick football update.  SHS is 2-2 on the year and have a by-week this Friday.  MSU is 1-2 and I'm afraid it promises to be a long year. We play Division II Troy this weekend, and that's not a "gimmee game", but hopefully we'll be 2-2 there also once its done.

September 13th - my 8th grandchild was born.  Will be going to visit and see her soon.  Not going to say more than that.  Its her parent's right and privilege to share that information.  If they want to comment and maybe leave a link, then you can see more about her.

Yesterday I watched "Star Trek- The Motion Picture".  The 1979 movie which re-booted the franchise.  Took me back, I tell ya.   When "Star Trek" ended its three year run in 1969, I was 14 and devastated.  I  loved the show.  When the movie came out (in December 1979)I was 24,married, with two kids (one nearly two years and one 6 months) , and stationed in Norfolk, VA.  But as I waited in line I was that 14 year old kid again. I was so excited.  I actually went out when it ended, purchased another ticket, and watched it again.  As I watched yesterday, I was thinking how all the actors looked so young, but at the same time remembering that in 1979 they looked so old (After all - ten years had passed since the show ended.)  As a 1979 move, the special effects now seem a little lacking, but the plot is still solid and I happy to be lost again in the world of the original "Star Trek".  I did a little research and most of the info I knew, but there were a surprise or two.  Several of the cast are deceased: DeForest Kelley - Dr. McCoy (1998); James Doohan - Scotty (2005), and Majel Barrett - Nurse Chapel (2008).  Since most of the remaining original cast are in their 80's now, its only a matter of time - as it is for us all.  But thanks to recordings- we can continue to enjoy their work.  One surprise (at least to me) was finding out that Persis Khambatta (who played Lt. Ilia in the movie) died of a heart attach in 1998 at the age of 49.  Tragic.  I checked and the other 6 original series movies are being shown in the next couple of weeks - so I've set up my Tivo (My current time machine and its back to the future according to 1982's  "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan".  With Ricardo Montalban reprising his role as Khan.  Riding in his ship with seats of soft Corinthian leather. (If you don't get - you're too young - look it up!)
Everyone Have a Great Day!

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