Thursday, September 5, 2013

NFL Tonight and other stuff

The 2013 NFL season starts tonight with the Brovens game.  Actually the Broncos and Ravens.  Two teams that I equally loathe (right behind the Callas Dowboys), but I give the Broncos top billing because as a Raiders fan I have loathed them longer.  I'll probably check in, but not actually watch. Lots of Tivo stuff to catch up on.
SHS lost to Oxford last Friday and I'm sorely afraid that after this Friday (against 5A #1 team - West Point) that we will drop to 1-2 on the year.  I'm not too despondent though since we started last year with a 1-3 record and then went on to win the Mississippi 5A state championship.  Gonna be a good weekend football wise though.  Lots of college Saturday and a full NFL slate on Sunday. I am ready for some football.
This time next week I should have a new grandbaby.  My youngest and his better half will be presenting Miss Savannah Sue to the world!  Does that not sound like a true Southern Belle?
I've finally started getting off my lazy duff, and gone back to trying to write a bit each day.  I had to go back several pages and re-acquaint myself with what I had done and found myself laughing and enjoying my (that sounds so nice - my) book.  Once I started back the words just seemed to flow.  My problem seems to be where am I going to end this one?  For I have no doubt that will fill 2 or more books.  Just hope I can eventually find an agent and publisher that enjoy it as much as I do. Fingers crossed.
Everyone have a great day!

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