Thursday, March 28, 2013

Remember Ginger, and more

Shaddow, Ginger & Sophie -  2/10/2013
Its been a couple of weeks now, but Ginger's passing is still fresh and hurts.  I won't go into details but she was hit by a car and the damage was such that I had to have her put down.  I buried her at home and she lies near CoCo.  Having lost two young dogs in 6 months now, I told DKW (and she agrees) that we need to wait a while before getting another. (I need a break from the pain of losing a dog).  They can endear themselves to you so quickly.   We plan to wait a year unless Shaddow was to pass before then.  I hope not - but she will be 12 in August and is getting slower getting around.  Sophie (our little Diva) is 2.  We all (DKW, me, and "da Girls") miss Ginger. (R.I.P. Baby!)
I've still been working on the "Poetry Blocks" for the Writer's Village at the Cotton District Arts Festival.  I currently have 212 blocks completed and need to make a few more (with connective words and punctuation) before the festive weekend (April 20th this year).  Check out the link (above) for the Writer's Village - got a pic of my sweetie!
I'm not mowing yet - but the time is drawing near.  I do plan to start my mowers and trimmers, check the oil, etc. this weekend just to head off any problems.Might trim a litle by my driveway - but only cause the clover is thick and tall.  Can't really mow yet because the yard is a bit marshy with all the rain we've had.
 I have started a list of tasks I'd like to accomplish outside this weekend (7 items thus far).  I have to write things down cause I forget.  To paraphrase the song - "The old gray matter ain't what it used to be".
Everyone have a great day! - and a Happy Easter Weekend!

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