Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fifty-Eight: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Couple of days ago -for CDAF 2013
I've found that once you get into your fifties (at least for me) its hard to have a birthday and not think about your life and how your got to where you are.  And what might be ahead.  So, without being too melancholy - a few highlights.
I graduated from Starkville High School in 1972 and joined the U.S. Coast Guard a couple of months later.  I stayed a Coastie until I retired in 1992.  Along the way I married MSJ and we have 5 children.  We were together (29+ years) until she passed away in 2005. I currently have 7 grandchildren and another on the way.  I met DKB in 2008 (thanks to and we were married in 2009.  In 2010, I nearly died when an elderly gentleman turned his caddy in front of my motorcycle on Highway 12.  He swore he never saw me as he turned into Greg's Produce in Longview, MS.  Thanks to quick assistance I survived.  I did ride again, but gave it up as my right leg has never fully recovered.  And if you aren't a confident rider - you don't need to ride.  But I'm happy with my 2003 Mini Cooper. 
In two more years (May 1, 2015) I will be eligible to retire from MSU.  Not absolutely sure I will - but its nice to know that at that point I will have the option.  Also, in 2015 I will turn 60 and my mother will be 80.  So I'm planning that once all the "grands"  are out of school for the summer, I will get all my kids and grandkids together for a couple of days of family time at the old homestead.  Cookouts, fishing, talking, visiting, etc.  Just reconnecting as a family.
I'm not rich, but I feel like (for the most part) I've had a good life and I'M Happy!  What more could you ask?
Everyone have a great day!

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  1. awww, baby, this is awesome; you are awesome; all you do is awesome; it's awesome that you are in my life, sigh, i love you so.