Monday, November 26, 2012

Wow! WOw!! WOWWWWW!!!!

That pretty much says it all.  This past Friday night (Nov.23rd), I was privileged to see what was (to me anyway) one of the greatest games ever.  Starkville jumped out in front early with two nice touchdown drives to go up 14 - 0, but West Point mounted a drive of their own and scored with 7 seconds to go in the half and we were 14-7 at the half.  SHS kicked off to the Green Wave and starting a drive at their 20, they went the length of the field but missed the extra point.  SHS up 14-13.  After a couple of penalty-laden possessions each, West Point scored and made the two-point conversion to go up 21-14.  But our QB, Gabe Myles, put the team on his back and on 4th down threw a 15 yard touchdown pass and the extra point tied the game at 21.  Starkville stymied the next West Point possession and drove down to the 7 yard line and had time out with one second left.  Well, that ever tough Green Wave bowed up and blocked our field goal attempt.  So, overtime here we come!  SHS won the coin toss and went on Defense (such as it was) first.  West Point scored in one play and went up 28-21 - so the Yellowjackets knew what they had to do.  First down resulted in a two yard loss.  Second Down was incomplete.  Third down was another tackle for a loss.  So SHS was down to 4th and 15, a defensive error resulted in 2 defensive backs covering the same guy and Gabe was able to throw to a wide-open receiver for a touchdown.  As soon as the score was confirmed, there was NO hesitation by Coach Jamie Mitchell.  He held up two fingers and left the offense on the field.  He stated later that this had been decided when the 4th quarter ended.  He did not want to give West Point a second shot as they were impossible to stop from the ten yard line.  (In overtime in Miss. High School football you start at the 10 yard line.)  So Starkvillle lined up for a called pass play but the receivers were well covered and Gabe had to scramble.  No fewer than 6 defensive players had hands on him, but he scrambled free and the stadium erupted in Jubilation.  SHS-29, WPHS-28.    My friend, Ron, and I could only look at each other and go WoW!  What a finish it was!
So next week we head to Jackson and play Saturday, December 1st, at 7:00 PM against the Pascagoula Panthers for the Mississippi High School 5A Championship.

Oh - and we also had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving.  We had 8 folks in attendance. DKW, Myself, our Moms, My youngest and her roommate, and my friend Ron and his wife, Thelma.  We had a very pleasant time.  Hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday also!
Everyone have a great day!

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