Thursday, November 15, 2012

Well - Maybe not that close............

Turns out that SHS just decimated Saltillo last week.    The final score was 45-7, but it was even really that close.  It was 24-0 at the end of the first quarter and I'm pretty sure that every guy that dressed out saw at least a little playing time in the game.  So on to the 2nd round of the playoffs.  Oxford (11-1) will be coming to town this Friday.  Even though they have the better overall record, their one loss was to West Point in 5A Region 1 (and WP went 7-0 in the region for 1st place as did Starkville (8-3) in region 2).  Since we were both at home last week (Oxford defeated Provine 27-14) and SHS is the higher rated regional seed - Oxford comes here.  Regardless of the outcome,  this will be Starkville's last home game of the year.  West Point hosts Ridgeland this week in the other north-half semi.  If Ridgeland wins, we would go there since they are on the road this week.  If WP wins, we go there.  Since both are #1 regional seeds, the first tie-breaker is head-to-head ,  and we lost to WP early in the season.  I really feel we are a better (and healthier) team now.  If we get there, should be a close game for the North-Half championship (on 11/23).  It almost like last year, in 2011 we lost to WP in the regular season but won the North-Half championship game with them to go to the 5A State championship. (A loss to Picayune).  It would be nice to pull it out again and head to what looks to be a rematch with Picayune on December 1st.  But, lets not put the cart before the horse.  I will keep my fingers crossed though.
Tomorrow is also DKW's birthday.  I'm taking off work early to take her out and enjoy a little time together  before I head out for the game (dressed warmly I guarantee you).
After starting 7-0, MSU has lost 3 in a row and hopes to get off the skid when they host Arkansas on Saturday.  MSU is favored by 7, but the  defense needs to step it up and hopefully our running game will get going again.  Our #1 rusher was hurt a couple of games back and missed playing time - but he should be back in action against the hogs.
Everyone have a great day!

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