Tuesday, July 24, 2012


OK!  On a sadder note (for me anyway), "Eureka" ended its 5 season run on SyFy Network and did it in a way that I thought was thoughtful and appropriate.
Last night was the season premieres for "Alphas" and "Warehouse 13" and I continue to watch "Falling Skies".  BUT, I can't wait for the fall TV season to start - I have several returning favorites (Walking Dead, Dr. Who, Fringe, and more) and some new shows with Sci Fi premises look promising.  But the BIG news is that one of my fave cult TV shows in the 80's (which only lasted  4 seasons) from the BBC is getting at re-boot (ala Battlestar Galactica) by the BBC and should be here in the US in the fall.  Not to keep you in suspense - the show is "Blake's 7".  And in case you've never heard of it  - I've provided a link to the wiki listing.
And speaking of cult favorites - airing now in the UK and scheduled for BBC America in the fall - is a 10th season (of 10 episodes - with the original cast) of Red Dwarf.  WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!
Anyway - with all the Sci Fi coming and the rapidly approaching football season - my recliner will probably be getting a workout.
Everyone have a great day!

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  1. wahoo! sounds like you have a relaxing fall {aha!} planned, cool! love, debra