Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Catching Up

Its been a couple of weeks since I last blogged - but I have been busy.  We've had folks visiting us and I've been short handed at work.  So I'll try and catch up.
First - when I got up to come to work this morning there were a couple of deer in my front yard.  Hope I can see 'em in the fall.  They can be right tasty with mashed taters and corn!
My wife put some neat stuff  in her blog - and I'm just gonna provide a link so you can read if ya want to and not just repeat stuff.  I will say that the "Wolf Spider" (big as my hand) that she posted the pic of is not distant family.  :-) 
I have a short blurb in the current month's newsletter published by our Electric Power Association.  I've provided a link - but the current month won' be available online until next month.  Odd - I know.  Anyway if ya want to read it - its under the "Mississippi is...." section.
My youngest son (CNW) got good news.  He did well on the last Coast Guard  servicewide exam and will be promoted to E-7 (Chief) before the year is out.  This is great!  I put nearly 21 years in before I retired from the Coast Guard and was an E-6 when I did.  He's done it in around 9 years.  But most, if not all, of my kids are smarter than their old man.  (If ya don't believe me - just ask 'em!)  And - the grandkids......(massive eye roll)!
My oldest son (JWWII) will be leaving later this month to go to New Jersey with his family.  The missus will be working for the Newark school system.  She was placed there to meet part of the requirements for her doctorate.  But she will be coming back here briefly later this year to defend her dissertation.
My daughter (DMW) in Portland, OR, has been going back to college for a couple of years now (and after a bit of stressing) is happy to report she is still carrying a 4.0 grade average.  YOU GO GIRL!
As I was typing this morning I was carried back to my high school daze (errr... days) by the internet radio.  Immigrant Song (from Led Zeppelin III) played.  This song came out about the time I first started driving and I WORE OUT my 8-track of this album.
My oldest (MSB) is taking classes (online right now) - but is on course to graduate from East Mississippi C.C. in December.  YOU GO TOO!!
I think this kind of catches up the news.  I've got to mow this weekend though.  Its been two weeks since I last did and with the rain we had the last few days the grass has shot up higher than its been all year.    I've got an out-patient procedure next week (27th) and I'm pretty sure I won't be working outside any that weekend.  Its nothing serious - but it is necessary.  I'm in great health and want to continue that way.
Everyone have a great day!

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  1. YOU GO GUY! YOU GO! or stay, ya know, cuz i like having you here with me, wink. love this entry, love you, debra