Monday, February 13, 2012

Memories, Valentines and more.....

Its been a couple of weeks since I last wrote - but my job has kept me busy - despite my back pain. I go back to the Doctor on Feb 15th at Columbus (MS) Air Force Base (one of the few perks of being retired from the U.S. Coast Guard). Not sure what's going on but I'm hopeful they can figure out something to give me relief. It hurt so this past Saturday that I was practically in tears. Not as bad today - thank goodness.
Anyway, yesterday (2/12) I was in my bathroom and looked at the calendar, remembering that - if he had lived - it would have been my Dad's 77th birthday. It brought a bittersweet smile to my face to think of him as a crochety older man. To understand, you'd have to know a bit about him. My dad was 5'6" or so and probably weighed 120 pounds (soaking wet) - but his self-image and ego was larger than Shaquille O'Neal squared! He was an avid sportsman (hunting, fishing) and worked with his hands literally from sun up to sun down most days. Unfortunately, he was also addicted to cigarettes, as was his father - and both of them died at age 56 from lung cancer.
*Sigh!* He's been gone for 21 years now - but I still can hear his voice and see his face. I miss him.
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I've been doubly blessed to have found women who loved me. When MSW passed away in 2005, I was devasted and never expected to find love or get married again. Well, as the old saying goes - "Life is what happens when you make plans". DKW and I met a little over 3 years after MSW passed away and were married in October, 2009. I hate to think of the void that would exist in my life without her and I think everyone realized how much she loves me after my near-fatal accident in June 2010. I was an invalid for a while and a semi-invalid for a few months. With her help I got through it. I never want to put her through it again. Love ya baby!
(But I would be remiss if I didn't also thank my Oldest and her husband for taking care of the yard work during that period! SO - THANKS!)
Everyone have a great Day!

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  1. My SweetestHeart, I'm hoping that your doc gives you some effective options tomorrow to help you; I hate seeing you in so much pain and misery. I love you baby, muwwahhZZ