Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Small Cars - BIG Mileage

Ok - when DKW and I got engaged (in Feb. 2009) she was driving a 16 year old Dodge Dynasty (which was needing work - but - in the interest of full disclosure its been fixed and her mom now owns & drives it). Anyway - I wanted her to have a dependable,new car - since she (in her entire life) had never had a new car. She told me that she would like a small car. One with a small turning radius, easy to park and good on gas mileage. So I did some reasearch (price, availability, repair costs, etc.) and gave her some options. After much discussion we decided on the Toyota Yaris (hatchback)(just like the pic above) which we purchased in July, 2009.
In April of this year I decided to finally sell my old (1985) truck and I lucked into a car that I had always desired at an excellent price - a 2003 Mini Cooper - like the one pictured. And it only had 65K miles on it! I love my COOP. Since I've had it I given DKW a bit of good-natured needling about her driving the "big" car now - while she said there wasn't really much difference in the two. So today I did a side-by-side comparison - so to speak - and as is usually the case -she is right. (all measurements in inches) Y=Yaris and C=Cooper: Overall Length Y-150.6 C-142.8 * Max Width Y-66.7 C-66.5 * Overall height Y-60.0 C-55.7 * Minimum Ground Clearance Y-5.5 C-4.4. So, even though the Yaris is (barely) bigger both cars are pretty close to the same size. I did find it interesting though that the Cooper actually has a larger gas tank (Y-11.1 gals C-13.2 gals). But the only thing that matters is that we both like our cars very much.
Everyone have a great day!

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  1. i like my cute~car. you're so sweet ta me. love, debra