Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Old Age is................

.....always twenty years older than you are now. At least that what I heard one time. What brought this on? - you may ask. Well, I heard on the radio this morning that Mick Jagger is 68 years old today. DANGGGGG! I was listening to the Stones when I was in Junior High. Mick, Mick, Mick - what the H*ll happen.... - errr, never mind - just caught a glimpse of a mirror. All of us have made many revolutions around the sun since the Stones first burst upon the music scene. I did then - and do now - still enjoy rock & roll. But I know (& DKW will confirm) that my hearing is not what it once was. Ohh Well!
WAAAAHHHOOOO!!! The NFL has finally settled there labor woes and it appears the NFL preseason will start on time. Teams start reporting for traing camps tomorrow - with the last teams reporting Sunday. The first preseason game will take place on August 11th and the first regular season game will be on Thursday Sep. 8th with the Saints at the Packers. I am - most definitely - ready for some football! The only way I miss this game is if my grandson is playing (7th grade) that night. Gotta have my priorities straight - if ya know what I mean!
Everyone Have a Great Day!

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  1. gearing up for football, so at least i can understand more than, "hey! blah blah blah score, blah blah blah goal, blah blah blah cool, right?" loves, debra