Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dogs Telling Time ..... & ..... Females

Okay - First - this pic has nothing to do with this entry - I just thought it was cute. If you've been reading my blog for a while you know that DKW and I have two inside dogs. Shaddow - 9 (almost 10) years old, a lab-mix weighing in around 65 pounds and Sophie - 9 months old, a chi-weenie weighing in at 15 pounds. These girls are buds. They play together quite often. Shaddow (being older) is usually the one to decide when and for how long they play. Shaddow does have the endearing habit - when she gets excited - of bouncing her front legs up and down like a puppy. When I come home from work in the evening she meets the car bouncing up and down - I love it. Shaddow is smart too! At 9 PM every day she lets me know that its time for them to get their treat. She is always within 20 minutes of the exact time when she walks over to my recliner, puts her chin on the chair arm and breathes on my hand while staring at me with those big eyes. Gad! Those two girls have me wrapped around their dew claws. When I finally acknowledge her and say the "T" word - she starts bouncing - all the way to where I keep the treats - with Sophie running around her.
As I was dishing out the treats last night I was thinking about how most of the people in my life that I interact with are women. Besides my 2 girls and the lovely DKW - I have 3 daughters, a sister, and (of course) my mama. My new boss (as of July 1st) is a lady as is the other staff person here and I have 4 student workers - all female. Didn't plan it - just worked out that way! But that's okay! To paraphrase Abe Lincoln - "I get along with all of them some of the time, some of them - all of the time ....." Besides - I'm very secure in who I am!
Everyone have a great day!


  1. awww, cute pic and sweet entry! love, debra

  2. Yeah. I really miss Shadow. She was awesome!