Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dodging The Bullet

Yesterday was a pretty scary day in most of the mid-south area. Over 150 folks died as a result of storms/tornadoes in Arkansas/Mississippi & Alabama. Tuscaloosa (AL) got hit pretty hard and there was one massive tornado. We were pretty fortunate here. We had some wind and heavy rain - but no damage. We were only inconvenienced by losing power for a little over 10 hours (lost around 4PM and got it back just after 2AM this morning). It wasn't just us though - power was out in the surounding 4 counties as well as our own. All-in-all we weathered it (no pun intended) well.
Today is a big day for a lot of folks. The NFL draft starts tonight (& ends tomorrow). I won't be watching the round-by-round selections but I will read (with interest) who was drafted tomorrow.
Everyone have a great day!


  1. it was so very nice to sit on the front porch, read, talk with you, and watch you whittle. love ya, debra

  2. We had a warning up here, too. Local fire whistle went off, we got into the basement. House shook like a motherfucker for a couple of minutes and then it was over. Especially weird since no once actually got hit by one and there was no evidence that one touched down. VERY EXCITING for this neck of the the woods, though.
    Glad you guys are safe.