Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Only Thing Constant Is Change

Its funny how much music seems to affect our lives. How we come to associate certain songs or types of music with different events or times in our lives. Even though I am now married to DKW and there are certain songs that I associate with certain events in our short time together, I still experience a bit of melancholy and/or a sense of loss when I hear certain songs that I know were among Sue's favorites - and I guess I always will. The thing that makes this bearable is the absolute certainty that DKW knows and understands that I am this way and that it in no way diminishes the love I now have for her. She is a very understanding person and has certainly helped me go on facing what, before I met her, was becoming a very dull life. I don't think I ever have told her (but she will know now) that after our first date together - I got in my truck and as I was leaving her place I turned on the radio and after a commercial ended - the first song I heard was AC-DC's "Big Balls". Just never thought to bring it up before and it didn't seem appropriate to bring it up on our next date. Should have though, now that I know her better - she would have thought it was funny.

My youngest son (in the Coast Guard) has gotten his orders, and he was happy, because he is getting to go where he wanted (Miami, FL) if not the exact unit he wanted. I'm a little sad he is moving further away, but I am happy that he & his wife are getting to go where they want to go. His wife is from Florida.

Still no trace of Harley, but unless there is some news - this will probably be the last entry about him for a while. I've pretty much said all that can be said for a while.

DKW and I will be taking a vacation up north this summer to visit friends - some of mine and some of hers - and we started the initial planning stages last night. I think we are both getting a little excited about it as we get closer to going. Just have to make sure we have someone to take care of the critters we have.

Everyone have a great Day!

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  1. i vote for our previous pet~sitter, may be she can house~sitt too! *winks* love, debra