Monday, February 22, 2010

A Good Weekend

I don't usually blog on Mondays because I'm pretty busy at work, but I decided to make time today. This past Friday (19th) DKW & I didn't get to make it to MSU's season opener (baseball) with the University of Rhode Island because we had the pleasure of babysitting Jonas, one of my grandchildren. It was an exciting game as State scored 3 times in the bottom of the 9th (with 2 outs) to win 9-8. Saturday though, we made up for it. Saturday was a gorgeous day and DKW made it a "sports day" for me. First, we went to MSU's second game with URI (at 2PM with 60 degree temp and clear skies) which State won 9-0. Then we went to a leisurely supper of sushi at China Garden and finally we attended the Mississippi (North Half) 6A Championship game between our local Starkville High Yellowjackets and the Greenville-Weston High Hornets. Starkville had great teamwork and won decidely 84-67.

Sunday was more of a lazy day, spent at home doing laundry, reading, watching the olympics, etc. But it was nice to wind down after a busy Saturday. I'm going to cut this short because I do have things that need to be done.

Everyone have a great day!

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  1. aw baby, yer soooOOoooo worth it!! grins, loves, debra