Friday, February 12, 2010

Its Snowing!

I know that's not such a big deal in some parts of the country (I know this because I lived in Ohio for a while), but here in Mississippi - half an inch is cause to close the schools and public offices. I don't know why, but it amazes me that when a little snow and/or ice drops, so does a lot of folks' IQs. For example, I walked downstairs to get something out of my truck and watched someone in an "official" MSU vehicle do this. Coming into the parking lot I use is a very slight incline. He had slowed to pull off the road and going up the incline the rear tires of the truck started to slip a little. So what does "genius" do, why he guns the engine. The truck slips to the right a little more (towards my truck) but hits a dry spot and lunges forward. At this instant, Einstein slams on the brakes, sliding into and over the curb, and taking out 3 bicycles parked at the rack. Wrong of me I know, but the first thought through my mind was "What a dumb*ss! A least he didn't hit my truck!"

Anyway - rumor has it we might see up to an inch accumulation here. Let the panic begin! Sheeesh!

Hope everyone has a good Valentine's Day! Remember - Always cherish your loved ones - enjoy your time together - & make great memories!

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  1. yeah, that's why i worry about driving in the rain and snow, not my driving, but the ijits who are all gung~ho and thinking stupidly, "i can do it" stupidity runs rampant, sadly, debra