Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wet Winter Thus Far

It has been a pretty **blahh** winter around here for the last few weeks. Just over a week ago we had record low temps - resulting in a broken pipe that I had to take a day off work to repair. Now we've swung the other way with close to record highs (saw a reading of 75 on Saturday and 70 yesterday) - but with a lot of soggy weather - ugggh! But truth be told, I'll take the wet more so than the cold. The bad thing with the temperature swings is that a lot of people are getting sick.

Went by my former mother-in-law's house yesterday to take her a framed copy of the 3 generations picture I posted on this blog earlier this month. We sat and talked for 20-25 minutes and had a really nice visit. Sigh! I will admit being emotionally conflicted when I left there. So many things in her home remind me of my late (first) wife(MSW). I love DKW, but still miss MSW. She died so unexpectedly that I can't help feel that there things unresolved and unsaid that should have been. Can't put my finger on any specifics - but just have a feeling. Ya Know!

On a brighter note - the high today is predicted to be 65 and it was 59 when I left for work this morning (w/ only a 10% chance of rain) - so I rode my motorcycle. With the price of gas creeping back up again, I expect to do so when ever the weather permits - regardless of the temperature.

Everyone have a great day!

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