Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So Long Old Friend

This picture is one of the few that I have of me and my dog, Harley. This past Friday (1/22/2010), Harley was let out to do his business with my two other dogs, Pearl and Shaddow. He hasn't been seen since. I've had him for 7 years and he has never been gone from the house more than a few minutes. I do live in a rural area by a highway. Fearing the worst, I have walked the highway for a half mile in each direction. I have searched on and around my property. I've placed "Lost Dog" ads and notified the local humane society. I don't think someone could have stopped and picked him up because he is suspicious of strangers - but I don't know. I fear his testosterone my have gotten him in trouble. Before I explain - a little history. I got Harley in February 2003 when he was 6 weeks old (born 1/15/2003). He is a chihuahua-whippet mix. He is a "horn-dog". He fathered 54 puppies (that I know about). Most were by my chihuahua-fiest mix, Pearl, before I got her fixed. But I do know that on one occasion he impregnated a full-blooded lab. There was no denying those puppies - other than being a lot bigger than "dear old dad" - one was the spitting image of Harley - down to the color and almost exactly the same markings. But I digress, what I fear has happened - is that one of a few stray dogs that wandered through may have been in heat - and Harley wandered after - possibly getting in trouble with other male dogs that take a dim view of a little dog trying to horn in on their territory. The worst thing is not knowing for sure what happened. To use the cliched term - theres no "closure". I just pray he's not lost and/or hurt somewhere. Wondering where I am and why I don't help him.

I've had to start and stop several times writing this - because I can't help shedding a few tears. To me, Harley was more than a dog. He was a good friend. His companionship after my first wife passed away, helped get me through some really rough times. He just seemed to sense when I was in a bad way and cuddled up to me even more than usual. He was just a "dumb ole mutt", but he was my "dumb ole mutt" and I loved him. There will never be another Harley! So long Old Friend.

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  1. oh dear, harley was never just a dumb ole mutt. he was Harley! the Horn~Dog {picture him raising his leg in salute while wearing a fluttering SUPER!cape}. he was your buddy and was there thru tough times. he was loyal and you have every reason to miss the good guy {and boy oh boy, he was certainly a guy}. love ya baby, debra