Monday, January 11, 2010

Time to Reflect, Time to Plan

Today (1/11/2010) is my oldest's birthday. She is 32. Dang! How'd my kids start getting so old when I'm still so young! (Heh! Heh!) Actually, come April I'll be 55.

Looking back, 2009 was a time of great change in my life and as I look forward into 2010 - I think it will be better. I'm no longer alone. The biggest change of last year was in February when I asked DKB to marry me and she said yes - and as of 10/31/09 she is now DKW. I have been truly blessed as I have married 2 great women. Two very different women, but each deserving of all the love that I could and can give them. (For those who might not know - my first wife passed away in December 2005).

January, 2009, the first grandchild with my family surname was born (but was grandchild #7). He celebrated his first birthday with a party at DKW & I's home this past Saturday. Hard to believe the J-Man (as I call him) is a year old. What a heartbreaker he is going to be. Aso this month my youngest found out that she is going to have a baby girl (probably in May). She is very happy since she and her husband have 2 boys already.

Last week, Me, the J-Man and his dad (my son) went and had a photo made. Three generations of W-men. The pics are supposed to be in tomorrow. If its okay with my son, I may post a copy here later this week.

This past May DKW and I attended Moondance( Georgia. It was the first time for both of us, though DKW had wanted to go for years. We are looking forward to going back this summer.

You ever been sitting around (watching TV or talking) and have these weird, random thoughts shoot through your brain? Well, yesterday I was watching TV (Arizona-Green Bay playoff game) while wearing a new beanie-type hat that DKW had crocheted for me.
I had the thought that it kind of looked like a blue yamaka - and in the same thought - thought that it could be a hat for a new religion that celebrated communion with Skittles (because of the color) and diet coke. (Heh!)

Anyway - I hope to start getting back to regular postings since we are finally through the holiday season. Everyone have a Great Day!

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