Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Such a Lazy Bum

That's the way I feel. Its been nearly a month since my last post and there is really no good reason other than I've been doing other things. Some important, some not so much. On the not so much side, I've been watching a lot of football. I really enjoy football - High School, college and Pro. So, even if she didn't want to DKB is becoming very adept at matching cities & schools with their team names/mascots. Also on the not so much side, but I enjoy it, I've been reading a lot. I mentioned a while back I started reading the original Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan series. I just finished book 9 (Tarzan and the Golden Lion) of the 20 + that he wrote. I intersperse the Tarzan books with crime novels, Science Fiction and the like. On the important side, last Friday (10/2) DKB and I went to pick up my blood work and then went to apply for our marriage license. And yesterday I picked up the aforementioned license. Makes it a little more real, seeing our names on the paper with the "Official Seal of Mississippi" on it. We get married 25 days from today (on Oct. 31st). The invitations were sent and the replies received. Most of the food and decorations have been purchased and the preparations have been moving right along. 25 days - Wow. Seems like only yesterday we got engaged, instead of months ago.

I took off Thursday of last week to mow my 5+ acres of yard. We have had such rainy weather the last month or so that it had been over 4 weeks since I last mowed and it was getting tall. Thursday was the 4th straight day without rain and since rain was predicted for Friday and the weekend, I didn't figure on it getting any drier. So I mowed and only got stuck in the mud a few times and it turned out to be a good thing I did - because it rained a little on Friday, but a monsoon on Sunday. The weather is getting cooler though and I'm thinking that if we can put together a few more dry days in a row sometime this month I'll probably mow one more time before calling it a year.

After the 31st DKB will be changing her name and I want it known that the decision was hers. I would have been perfectly content if she had wanted to keep her maiden name. So Sometime after the wedding I guess I'll have to change the heading for my blog to EyeHeartDKW. There was a country song not too long ago by Dierks Bentley titled "My Last Name" and the last verse goes "So darlin' if you're wonderin' why I've got you here tonight; I wanna be your husband, I want you to be my wife; I ain't got much to give, but what I got means everything; Its my last name, oh, its my last name." I've said it before but I have been truly blessed in this life. I loved my first wife with all my heart and she, me. We were together over 29 years before I lost her 4 years ago. If not for that accident we would still be together, I have no doubt. But life goes on and after the darkness and heartache following that loss, I was again blessed when DKB came into my life. I can not now imagine my life without her. She brings me a happiness that I once thought was lost forever. I don't care what anyone else may think of me/her/us - We make each other happy and I hope we do so for the rest of our lives. Our opinions of each other are the only ones that matter. For more eloquent postings, please read DKB's Blog.

Everyone have a great day!!

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  1. proud to be yours, baby, proud! grins, debra