Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nine More Days

DKB's mom made it in earlier this week and has been hard at it making floral arrangements for the wedding and reception. She's done a bunch of lovely table displays and she even made up the bridal bouquet. Everything looks gorgeous! My friend, Larry, who is going to officiate the wedding ceremony, made it into town yesterday for an overnight visit. He was able to spend some time with DKB and her mom and we also had a nice visit. Larry has had some turmoil in his own life lately and he told me that it was nice to get away from his home for a bit and just the enjoy the company of friends.

While the wedding (10/31/09) is coming together and things are going great guns there, this has been what is quite conceivably the most difficult week I have ever had at work in the 7 years I have been in my current position. Unforeseen tasks, personnel out sick and having to take over their tasks, and unexpected additional workloads has made this the week from Heck! And to make it worse, I'm so exhausted when I get off work, I feel like a lazy bum because I'm not doing more around the house to get ready for the wedding. Ahh, well, this too shall pass. During the next week the guests start arriving for the wedding and I hope things are a bit more settled (at least as far as work is concerned) by then.

Well, back to work. Everyone have a great day!

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  1. we're having scads of fun, and we all feel bad that you've been having such a suck~ass week. big hugs and kisses. lots of smooches.