Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last Post for a while . . . .

Today marks 4 days until DKB and I get married. My youngest son and his wife & my best man and his wife get into town this afternoon. Tomorrow, DKB is running down to the Jackson (MS) airport to pick up my daughter, who is flying in from Portland, OR. So we're going to have a pretty full house and lots to do leading up to the big event. The weather this week is going to suck, but the forecast for the big day (Saturday, October 31st) currently states ZERO percent chance of rain and a high of 70. If that holds close to true, it will be a very nice day. Keeping my fingers crossed though.

We will be departing on Sunday (11/1) for a short honeymoon and most of the guests will be gone or going by then too. My oldest son is going to watch the pets for us. Anyway, I promise new post the second week of November. Until then, I'm going to be enjoying time with my new bride.

Everyone have a great day!

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