Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Time flies like an arrow.....

....but fruit flies like a banana. Sorry, I couldn't resist. I have a mind like lightning - never hits the same place twice. I was thinking about how close DKB and I's impending nuptials are (80 days) which led to one of my favorite Groucho Marx quotes. And he had quite a lot of funny ones. Do yourself a favor and read a bunch of them sometime. You''ll laugh your A** off.
So many details left in a short time. I know we'll get it done, but DUDE!
The motorcycle rally is this weekend at Sturgis, MS - just up the road from me. All of my children will be in town. We're going to grill some chicken and have some home-made tater salad Saturday evening and watch the bikes roar up and down the highway. Of course we plan to do a little roaring of our own Friday and earlier Saturday since I (and all my sons) ride bikes. So cue up Steppenwolf and ..."Get your motor running, Head out on the highway".
Everyone have a great day!

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  1. well, like a true nature's child...i've been scampering about, taking care of business and getting it done; but i couldn't do it without you!! ya so sweet ta me! love ya, debra