Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'mm Meltinggggg!!

Well, not really. But I didn't have the car to drive to work since DKB has gone out of town. Well - that excuse doesn't work either. I had planned on taking my motorcycle into the bike shop & drop it off while I'm at work to get a new rear tire put on it. Well, I had gotten about a mile down the road from my house and the bottom dropped out. By the time I got to the cycle shop (where my boss was waiting on me) I was soaked from the knees down and the chest up. My windscreen kept the middle part of me pretty dry. I got to work. Took off my wet tennis shoes, wrung out my socks, and draped them over the little space heater I have. At this time my socks are dry and I've put them back on. My shoes have been leaning on my heater since I got here (about 3 hours ago) and I've periodically rotated them - and they are nearly dry. So by the time my work day ends I should be ready to go. Thankfully, it looks like the rain is done for the day - so I should be good going home. Where only my doggies wait for me today. DKB won't be back until Friday - but to celebrate her return I'm going to grill a couple of steaks & bake a couple of potatoes - plus I've already picked up a nice wine for us. So, everybody together now - "Awwwww!"

I'm feeling a little scruffy at the moment. I let the three amigos (Harley, Pearl & Shaddow) sleep on the bed with me last night. Well, I was amused with their bedtime rituals (general sniffing of each other, circling, scratching at the covers to fluff their bed) and forgot to set my alarm clock. When I woke up this morning it was 7:22. Well, I told my boss I would meet him when the cycle shop opened at 8 - so I dressed quickly, fed the animals and hit the door. I didn't have time to shave and you already know what happened to me on the road. (If not -shame on you - go back and read the first paragraph.)

Anyway, I'm here! I'm healthy! But I miss my honey! Everyone have a great day!

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  1. sorry about that! the forecast didn't show it, promise! glad that you got dried out and not catching the sniffles and such. love ya, miss ya, debra