Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rambling and Musing

My middle daughter & her husband have been visiting and staying with DKB & I this week. It has been nice having her around. Her husband just got out of the Air Force and once they leave us they will be going to the Mississippi Gulf Coast for a while to visit with his mom. Then they will depart for Portland, Oregon, where they will make their new home. So, except for a couple of days around DKB & I's wedding in October, I probably won't get to see her much during the next couple of years. Yesterday, my daughter & I went out fishing for a few hours together, didn't catch anything, but it was nice just visiting and talking together. I know I will miss her when she leaves.
When I'm not near a computer, I always think of things that I would like to put in my blog, but when I actually set down to put in an entry, I have a "brain fart"and can't remember what I wanted to put in, but I keep trying. Hence the rambling today.

I am a huge football fan. Tomorrow my high school starts their 2009 season and according to the Jackson (MS) Clarion Ledger they have the toughest schedule of any team in the state. May be a rough season, but I'm hoping for the best. The NFL will be interesting this year too with Brett Favre now with the Vikings and Michael Vick with the Eagles.

Rode my motorcycle to work today. Despite the fact there is a 60% chance of rain at the time I get off today. May get wet going home, but that's okay. Doesn't happen often and the weather is warm.

I've noticed negative people having an effect on me lately and have decided to make a real effort not to let that happen. I'm tired of the sourpusses that only see the bad or potential bad in a person or a situation. Look for the good! Thats going to be my new motto. Try to be happy in the moment, but plan for the future. My sweetie (though she may not realize it) brings that point home to me. The other day, for example, reminding me to spend some more time with my middle daughter. So all you people that only see the worst in people - f*** off! I don't want or need your negativity. To quote an 80's anthem - "Don't Worry - Be Happy!" Words to live by.

Everyone have a great day!

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