Thursday, July 2, 2009


The picture is of me 3 years ago (about 6 months after my wife died). I was going through my gnarly, biker phase. I hadn't cut my hair or my beard since my wife's funeral at the time. I still consider myself a biker, since I ride year round - even when the temps approach zero - which isn't often here in Mississippi. Anyway, I still have the same bike and tomorrow DKB and I are on our way to Arkansas (& very close to the Oklahoma border) to visit her parents & brother. We've been planning the trip for a while and we are both looking forward to it. We are taking the bike. I just had the oil changed in the bike and had it inspected yesterday, so we are good to go. My oldest son is going to take care of the pets for us while we are gone. When I get home tonight we'll pack the big travel bag I have and get everything ready for the trip. That way, when we get up in the morning, we just hop on the bike and hit the road (Cue Steppenwolf: "Born to be Wild") I've loved that song since it first came out - and I'm dating myself, but I was in Junior High then.

I mentioned pets. There is this one website I visit ever possible day. It's called the Animal Rescue Site and just by giving a click with your mouse you can donate food once a day, every day. If you have, or just like, animals - take 10 seconds each day and click your mouse for them. Bookmark the page and visit if often.

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  1. first time on the computer since thursday, and i wanted to let you know that i am so glad that you're having a good time! yea!! grins, debra